Should You Be Repinning on Pinterest in 2021?

There’s been a LOT of Pinterest drama over the last 6 months. Crazy algorithm changes (including documented Home Feed changes), spam filter bugs, and Pinterest support emails that only led to more questions.

Questions like:

  • Should I only pin new pins?
  • Is repinning on Pinterest bad?

Lots of Pinterest marketers are now wondering if they need to change their pinning strategies completely. All the while, it seems like every suggestion and strategy you hear on the internet these days is vastly different…

Common New Suggestions

I, myself, have gotten sucked into the black hole of the Pinterest panic currently happening in well-meaning Facebook groups.

It all stemmed from this email from Pinterest several people received after they reached out to the Help desk in June 2020:

Most of us interpreted this email to mean: Repins are now bad. Very bad.

Okay, Pinterest. We hear ya. Let’s test this…

So, I tested out what many Pinterest gurus were suggesting:

  • zero repins on my accounts (and all my client accounts)
  • only saving a pin to one board

For me, the results are horrible… Every single account was down. Clicks were down, impressions were obviously down also.

All of it. 👎

In reality, I should have expected the poor results. I ignored everything I knew about the Pinterest algorithm when testing this strategy.

Saving to multiple boards give the algorithm more information about your pin and ultimately, your URL. The more information the algorithm has, the more places the pin shows up in search results and in the recommendation graph.

But Pinterest has explicitly said that too many repins is a bad thing, remember?!

So, how can we go about saving a pin to multiple boards without it being classified as a repin?

Pinning Smarter

I’m a researcher at heart, so I started digging into the Pinterest Engineering blog to try to understand what was happening…

Through my research, I learned that there are a few classifications stated in the page source code of our pins, including the REPIN classification.

Knowing this, I was able to develop a new way to pin for my clients. The new way ensures that all pins saved are classified as “fresh” and not as repin, even if the image is the same. 😮

We know that Pinterest wants us to create a bazillion new pin images every day, but my clients don’t always want to add more pins to their monthly package! And honestly, who WANTS to create a bunch of images when the Pinterest algorithm is SO unpredictable?!

This is why I developed the Pinning Smarter method. I wanted to eliminate the need for constant pin creation while still adding 5-10 fresh pins per day for each client. This method solves that problem and has given my clients huge boosts in impressions and clicks since the initial algorithm changes took place.

For example, this client account is still relatively new, and wasn’t seeing any growth using the “typical” Pinterest strategies. I implemented the Pinning Smarter method in early October, and the account is now growing more and more each week!

You can see more case studies and learn more about the Pinning Smarter method in my Pinterest scheduling course, Scheduling Shortcuts.

Scheduling Shortcuts [Hacks for the New Pinterest Algorithm]

Conclusion: Repinning in 2021

There’s no doubt that the algorithm changes have thrown us Pinterest marketers for a loop this year. When it comes to the topic of repinning, reducing the number of repins on your account is definitely a good idea in 2021.

The number of repins doesn’t have to be zero, but you should always aim to have more “fresh” pins than repins. As long as the ratio favors fresh, you should be fine.

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