Best Serif Fonts on Canva (Part 1)

Canva has so many fonts to choose from. It can be hard to know which one will work best for a project, especially if you’re new to a certain design style. This post is going to break down the best serif fonts to use on Canva, so you’ll have the best options at your fingertips.

List of 10 best serif fonts on canva with pink background.

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Serif Fonts 101

First, we need to talk a little about font basics and answer the question “What is a serif font?”

Serif fonts are classically elegant and well-known for their timelessness. They’re used in high-end luxury brands and are considered the most sophisticated font type.

Serifs originated in the Middle Ages when monks would add small strokes known as serifs to letters in order to distinguish them from one another. This was seen as a way to help eliminate confusion between letters that looked similar.

Anytime you see a font with little tails at the ends of the letters, that’s a serif font (Times New Roman is a very common serif font).

Text overlay that says:

Serif fonts are the most well-known, classically elegant font for a timeless message. They can be found in any high-end luxury brands and are the perfect choice for a sophisticated look.

Serif fonts are also a favorite for branding, web design and social media graphics, of course! They look great when paired with sans serif fonts or handwritten fonts.

For example:

➞ The Headings on this page use a serif font.

➞ While the Paragraph text is a sans serif font.

They make such a great pair, dontcha think?

Best Serif Fonts to Use on Canva (Part 1)

The plot thickens a little… there are actually two main types of serif fonts:

  • Standard Serif Fonts
  • Slab Serif Fonts

For this reason, I’m splitting up the best serif fonts on Canva into 2 parts.

New to Canva?

If you’ve never heard of Canva, it’s a FREE online graphic design program perfect for beginners and for intermediate designers alike. It’s my favorite program for creating social media graphics since they have TONS of free templates.

This post (Part 1) will highlight the best standard serif fonts I’m using and loving on Canva. I use these fonts for logos, pin design, social media graphics, and other graphic design projects when I want a classy, traditional look.

Here are the first 10 serif fonts to use on Canva:

  1. Calgary
  2. Forum
  3. Catchy Mager
  4. Antic Didone
  5. Fraunces Thin
  6. Afrah
  7. Joilet
  8. Le Jour Serif
  9. RoxboroughCF
  10. Cinzel

I used Catchy Mager (#3 – my current fave) in the header of this graphic:

List of 10 best serif fonts on Canva with gray background.

Feeling inspired yet?! These fonts are so elegant thanks to those little extra strokes.

In Part 2, you’ll learn about Slab Serif Fonts. Plus, I’ll share 10 more beautiful serif fonts to use on Canva. Plus, If you’re ready to get started, use this Classy Canva Serif Font Cheat Sheet (this is my affiliate link, but you can use the fonts for FREE!) The template combines both standard AND slab serif fonts so you can copy and paste them into you designs.

You’ll be able to make your own copy in Canva for free! Here’s a preview:

List of 20 classy serif fonts to use on Canva.

Once you have a copy of the Cheat Sheet, you can copy and paste the font of your choice right into your own designs.

Check out Part 2 to see 10 more gorgeous serif fonts to use on Canva and get the free cheat sheet.

Happy designing,


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