A Legit Pinterest Strategy (Updated for 2022)

woman frustrated and confused looking at laptop with text overlay every content creator and Pinterest 2021 to signify frustration with the algorithm changes

Ok, let’s be real.

The changes on Pinterest in 2020 and 2021 were I-N-S-A-N-E.

Like many bloggers and Pinterest VAs, I had algorithmic whiplash and a solid case of PTSD from the spam filter “bug,” the ridiculously low impressions, and the news about repins.

All the changes left many of us wondering… “Is Pinterest even worth it in 2022?!”

As someone who manages accounts for clients and really prides herself on getting results, I say, YES. There is hope!

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In fact, I was able to boost impressions on a stagnant account, at the same time everyone was complaining about rapidly declining impressions.


Pinterest analytics screenshot showing growth in impressions after starting a new pinning strategy

I’m so confident in these new techniques, that I’ve compiled them into a brand new Pinterest Strategy Guide. It’s the best resource to help you understand what the heck happened to Pinterest and how to move forward and WIN!

What’s Covered in the NEW Strategy Guide:

  • E-P-I-C algorithm changes in 2021
  • Spam filter “bugs” and super low impressions, oh my!
  • Should you repin?
  • Should you pin third party pins?
  • 2 BIGGEST MISTAKES I see people still making
  • How to get ahead of the changes (yes, it’s possible)

Sign up for the guide by hitting the button below, and I’ll show you what you need to do (no fluff, all action).

Ready to Get Ahead of all the Algorithm Changes on Pinterest in 2022?

Learn what’s changed and start getting results with our most popular download — the FREE Pinterest Strategy Guide! This guide is hosted on Podia so I can quickly keep it updated (updates happen ALL the time!). Once you sign up, you’ll have forever access to future updates. 🙂

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