How to Protect Your Time with a Pinterest Manager Contract

A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook about how a client completely dropped her Pinterest manager because the account had gotten suspended…

…even though it was admittedly a mistake, and Pinterest reactivated it 2 days later. 😑

Clients like that can really put a dent in your momentum when you’re trying to run your Pinterest biz… Amiright?

 a Pinterest management contract template, possibly offering a comprehensive template for Pinterest management agreements

Did you know it’s actually super duper important to protect yourself from being blamed for something that is COMPLETELY out of your control when working online?!

I have to admit… When I first started out offering Pinterest services, I had no idea this was something I needed to do. 

When I got my first client’s account suspended (because of the HOMEPAGE ISSUE 😆), I was LUCKY, because he was very gracious and understanding about it.

BUT… he could have fired me on the spot. We had no mention of situations like this in our contract.

Actually, we didn’t even HAVE a contract. 😬

Total newbie Pinterest VA mistake!!

a Pinterest manager contract template, potentially providing a ready-to-use template for Pinterest management agreements

Freelance Business-ing 101

Real talk. You NEED a contract in place when providing services online. No. Matter. What.

Finding contract templates for my web design clients was super easy. Pinterest management on the other hand was a little more challenging…

Eventually, I buckled down, did the research, and created my own. It’s a Frankenstein-style-creation with the relevant parts from a social media manager contract combined with the clauses I’m familiar with in agreements to my web design clients.

 a Pinterest management contract template, which may serve as a helpful resource for drafting Pinterest management agreements.

And now I’m making it available in the shop!

The Pinterest Management Contract protects you from any liability for platform glitches.

That means, if Pinterest decides to go cray cray and suspend your client’s account for no reason, the client cannot blame YOU and withhold payment.

Pinterest Management Contract Template includes:

  • Clauses that protects you from any liability for loss, damage or delay of services due to circumstances outside of your control (including spam filters, platform outages, etc.).
  • All the legal provisions necessary to make the Service Agreement a legally binding contract (including a non-disclosure agreement and provisions specific to working online)
  • Immediately addresses the ROI question and the “can you guarantee XYZ results” question (no, you cannot, and the contract explains why!)
  • Services outlines for New/Existing Account Set Up and Optimization, Monthly Maintenance Package. and Pin Design Package
  • Cancellation terms (I suggest at least 30 days)
  • Severability clause (a fancy way of saying clients cannot ask you to do illegal things or anything agains Pinterest Terms of Service)
Looking for more Pinterest services for your business?

Plus, it’s set up in an EASY fill-in-the-blank format (color-coded so you can fill it in FAST! 😉):

Animated GIF displaying a contract template, possibly providing dynamic examples or guidance on creating contracts

No more wondering if a client will try to take advantage of your time and skill. 💁‍♀️

Having a proper Pinterest Management contract in place is the quickest way to get your client relationship off on the right foot while weeding out the BAD clients.

This template is different because it’s not filled with scary legal jargon…the language is simple and won’t scare away potential clients, yet still protects you legally!

It’s is also filled with exclusive notes and tips just for Pinterest VA’s all based on my 2+ years experience as a Pinterest manager. So, if you’re a new Pinterest VA, this template will help you decide how to structure your contract AND your service packages.

Learn more about the Pinterest Management Contract Template here.

Got questions about the template? Feel free to send me an email at I’m always happy to help! 💕

Happy pinning,


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a Pinterest manager contract template, offering a useful resource for creating Pinterest management agreements