Pinterest Keyword Tool (One That Actually Works!)

If you’re a Pinterest marketer, you know that finding the best keywords to target on this search-driven platform is super important to your overall SEO strategy.

Google SEO experts have dozens of keyword tools at their disposal, but I’ve struggled to find a legitimate keyword tool that works for Pinterest.

Well, until NOW!

There is a new Pinterest Keyword Tool in town, y’all. And it’s called Pin Inspector. 🔍

And, before we go any further, the links in this post are affiliate links. But I don’t take that responsibility lightly… I only promote programs I actually use and believe are worth the money (I have saved countless hours thanks to this software!).

Also, I want to say how incredibly skeptical I was of this Pinterest keyword tool.

Why all the skepticism?

Well, because all Pinterest keyword tools I’ve come across over the last 2 year have the same problem…

They. All. Break.

Literally, every single one I’ve used didn’t last more than a month. It was awful, and I gave up on even trying to use a tool for a very very long time (it probably felt longer than it was in reality). I was left to use the suggested-search for way too long.

Finally a Pinterest keyword tool that actually works.

Why this Pinterest Keyword Tool is Different

The kind of Pinterest research I do is all about following the data. This often involves looking at the page source code of pins.

This is HTML data that is freely available on the backend of every page on Pinterest (and every page on the internet for that matter).

This tool basically takes this freely available data and reformats it into a visual chart.

Screenshot of Pin Inspector Pinterest keyword tool

This means, Pin Inspector is not using the Pinterest API, so this software will not go the way of Board Booster (an old scheduling app that got shut down).

It simply pulls data that is already available on the Pinterest website, so it’s totally safe to use.

How I Use Pin Inspector in My Pinterest Manager Business

With all that skepticism in mind, I decided to test out the tool for myself. I spent several weeks testing to see if this software would be useful for my business’ needs. First and foremost, I desperately needed something that could relieve me from the task of collecting keywords from that stinkin’ drop down!

Well, this Pinterest keyword tool definitely does that and so much more.

You can collect and sort top keywords, scope out top ranking pins and boards, plus you can use the tool to do quick account audits and even see what your competition is up to. Yes, you can even spy on MY account if you want to! 😆

A few of my Pinterest VA and blogger friends recently asked exactly how I was using this software day-to-day, so I put together a video tutorial of my favorite ways to use Pin Inspector as a Pinterest Manager.

Pin Inspector Tutorial - Honest Review from a Pinterest Manager [Pinterest Keyword Tool]

As you can see in the video, a new or prospective client audit used to take foreverrrrrr just to figure out their true pinning habits. Now I can quickly audit accounts to see what the client needs to get the results they want.

Pin Inspector has paid for itself many many times over, and I haven’t even touched the Trends or Keywords Everywhere integrations. I can’t wait to test those features out for my niche blog!

Get $20 OFF the already affordable price of Pin Inspector here!

how to use a pinterest keyword tool as a pinterest VA with laptop on desk

I hope this post was helpful for you. Especially if you weren’t sure if Pin Inspector was right for you or not.

I fully stand behind this software and the developer, Dave, who has been so helpful/patient as I investigate the stability of his tool.

If you have any questions about Pin Inspector, feel free to send me an email or email Dave directly at

Happy keywording,


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​Another disclosure, in case you missed the first one: The links in this post are affiliate links. I only promote programs that actually help me do awesome things and make a difference in my business.

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