Best Pinterest E-Commerce Course to Get More Sales

Pinterest is an amazing platform (I’m clearly obsessed) that can drive free traffic to your online store month after month. More traffic means more sales and profit for your business.

It’s super clear that all eyes πŸ‘€ are on e-commerce on Pinterest.

In this post, I’ll show you the best Pinterest E-commerce Course to help you fast-track your shop’s growth on the platform, and why I think it’s a good idea to share your products on Pinterest ASAP!

Unlocking Pinterest Marketing for Etsy Sellers and Shopify eCommerce: A visual guide with text and graphics showcasing Pinterest's potential for driving free traffic to online shops

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Shopping on Pinterest: The New Normal

It’s no secret that Pinterest has been pushing for more e-commerce on the platform.

In fact, Product Pins are now hard-coded to appear in just about every search result. Plus, most searches have multiple areas where shopping is encouraged like this one:

screenshot of Pinterest search showing the shopping opportunities on the Pinterest platform

Pinterest is constantly expanding shopping on the platform including expanding the Verified Marchant Program and giving Verified Merchants new, exclusive features.

Pinterest also recently acquired the AI-powered shopping platform, The Yes. This acquisition will ultimately help refine the Pinterest shopping algorithm and produce a more individualized shopping experience for users using the power of machine learning.

Whether you’re a Pinterest manager, like me, or an online shop owner yourself… the time to learn e-commerce for Pinterest is right now.

E-comm is something I’ve been wanting to implement on my mom blog for awhile now… I do have a few products, but I know I’m leaving money on the table. BUT I have no idea how to set up and connect my shop. #newbiescaries

Clearly, I’m NOT an e-comm expert, and I won’t pretend to be one here.

Luckily, I know one! And maybe you know her too…

If you’re in my FB group or the Pinterest VA Society, you’ve probably seen Magdalena Jonker answering ALL the e-commerce questions.

Magdalena sitting at her computer outside

She is super knowledgable on EVERYTHING e-commerce on Pinterest including:

  • Shop catalog setup and troubleshooting
  • How to get Verified Merchant Status
  • Connecting Shopify and other shops to Pinterest
  • All the things I know nothing about.

Magdalena has extensive knowledge of how to get the MOST out of e-commerce on Pinterest. She’s the only person I trust on this topic…

So, whether you’re setting up your own shop or wanting to add this to your Pinterest VA services so you can make more money with e-comm clients, Magdalena is THE expert you need to be following.

She knows how to deliver results for her clients:

Screenshot of e-commerce Pinterest analytics results


Finally, a Pinterest Course Dedicated to E-commerce

I’ve been bugging her to create a course to teach me us all about e-commerce on Pinterest. I want my Pinterest manager friends to be able to take on e-commerce clients and set up shops….with confidence.

And she agreed. πŸ˜ πŸŽ‰

Boost Your Sales with Pinterest is her brand new E-Comm Course, and will teach you:

  • Understanding the Pinterest + E-commerce relationship βœ…
  • Shop catalog setup and troubleshooting (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.) βœ…
  • How to Get Verified Merchant status βœ…
  • Pinning for e-commerce (pinning with SALES in mind) βœ…
  • Product pin designs that convert to sales $$$ βœ…
  • All the things you need to know (a) as an online shop owner and/or (b) to help future e-comm clients dominate on Pinterest βœ…

​Her course also comes with a dedicated Facebook Group where you’ll get ongoing support and updates on any changes that happen on the platform that affect your shop.

I signed up as soon as she launched, so I’m in there too.

The best part?… It’s only $7 to join!

>> Learn more about Boost Your Sales with Pinterest here.

I can’t wait to set up this source of revenue for my mom blog AND add it to my Pinterest services. New skills = more πŸ’΅!

If you have any questions about Magdalena’s course, feel free to email me at

Happy pinning/shopping,


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