Pinterest Algorithm Changes & How to Adjust in 2021

On top of everything 2020 piled on us… the Pinterest algorithm changes really threw everyone for a loop.

Every other week we were running into things like:

  • Spam filter “bugs” and denial of such bugs 🙄
  • Super low impressions on new pins
  • And some major drama over REpins, etc.

This chaos caused quite a bit of panic for bloggers and Pinterest VAs. Many whose livelihoods are tied to Pinterest (myself included).

On top of that, there was (and still is) a lot of disinformation about what Pinterest actually wants from creators nowadays and what’s changed in the algorithm. Hello Facebook groups.

I run into several people PER DAY who are parroting outdated Pinterest advice they found on a random blog on the internet. Usually these blog posts have NO DATE on them and no visible way to tell if it’s current information.

But, this girl doesn’t operate like that. 🙋‍♀️

In fact, bloggers who hide the dates of their posts really piss me off. Maybe because I was so misled by outdated info for so long? Idk.

– – – Mini rant over. – – –

But let’s be real… It’s time for some transparency in the blogging/marketing world, don’t ya think?!

That’s why I’m committed to showing you what you actually need to care about when you hear all the noise about the Pinterest algorithm changes.

I’ve been on this crazy algorithm-drama-filled roller coaster all along, too. And I’ve been obsessing over finding ways to get ahead of all the changes for my clients.

So, if you’re not sure where to start or what the heck actually changed, my Free 2021 Pinterest Strategy Guide is a fantastic place to start.

Here’s What’s Covered in the 2021 Strategy Guide:

  • A breakdown of all the algorithm changes in 2020
  • Spam filter “bugs” and super low impressions, oh my!
  • Should you repin? What about hashtags?
  • Should you pin third party pins?
  • The BIGGEST MISTAKES I see people still making and talking about in FB groups
  • How to get ahead of the changes (yes, it’s really possible)

Sign up for the guide by hitting the button below, and I’ll show you what you need to do (no fluff, all action).

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