2 Major Mistakes Bloggers are Still Making On Pinterest in 2021

This post is not going to tell you that your:

  • pins aren’t pretty enough
  • headlines aren’t catchy enough
  • or that you’re not pinning enough

In this post, we are going to address 2 real problems recently addressed by Pinterest. It’s a little shocking since these two things were recommended as “best practices” for YEARS… until now.

1. Hashtags

Pinterest is pretty well known for not being able to make up its mind about hashtags… but we’ll get into that later.

2020’s best practices were to use up to 6 relevant, broad hashtags in pin descriptions. Anything over 6 hashtags was considered spammy.

I was planning on continuing this practice into 2021, until a student of mine shared a conversation she had with Pinterest support about a separate issue. Here’s what the tech said:

“As mentioned earlier we do not have any block/flag on your account and website. In addition to the information I have provided in my last email, I also see you have been using hashtags on the description of the pins. Kindly note that Hashtags were often abused by spammers to gain distribution and have not been proven to be a valuable tool hence we do not recommend using them.”

Now we have OFFICIAL statement from Pinterest that hashtags are dead. Or are they?… Like I mentioned earlier, Pinterest has trouble making up its mind about hashtags.

One minute they recommend them, the next they condemn them. In early 2019, this is exactly what happened, so I’m having a bit of deja vu over here!

Right after reading this letter from Pinterest, I wrote a post about it, then Pinterest restored the functionality of hashtags (meaning they were clickable again).

So honestly, who really knows.

I’ve decided to play it safe and remove hashtags from my strategy. Now, I simply add more keywords into my pin descriptions instead!

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2. Repins

One of the most troublesome episodes this year was all the drama surrounding repins. Here’s what happened:

After seeing massive drops in clicks and impressions, many Pinterest marketers contacted the Pinterest Help desk looking for answers.

Then, a common theme started popping up in their responses…

Many bloggers received emails condemning the amount of repins shown on the accounts in question.

Here’s an example:

For Pinterest managers, like me, this was a major shift.

Most of us set our pricing based on the number of pins posted per month. And MOST of those are REPINS!

Pinterest has been saying for years that they prefer ‘fresh content’ over any other content. This time they really mean it, apparently. 

Reducing the number of repins on your account should be a primary focus for you in 2021.

Does that mean you need ZERO repins? No.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so my accounts and client accounts are all zero-repin right now (using a scheduling hack 😉).

But, as a general rule, you’ll want the ratio of fresh vs. repin to always favor on the side of fresh. More fresh pins vs. repins. Always.

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Happy pinning,


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