Best Free Script Fonts on Canva (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, I shared my initial hesitation with Canva, why I love it now, and the first 10 free handwritten fonts to use on the free version of Canva.

The app has expanded their free font library extensively over the last year, and that’s exciting! But I don’t see many people using all of the beautiful new handwritten and script fonts.

That’s why I went through the entire list of free fonts in Canva and picked out the very best ones you can use.

Yes, it took awhile… But I found so many pretty fonts I had NO IDEA were free on the app!

list of 10 best script free fonts on canva with mauve background

You can use Canva fonts on your Pinterest pins, social media posts, opt-in freebies and digital products. These fonts on Canva are free for commercial use as well.

BTW, the links in this post are affiliate links. I only promote programs that I actually use and help me do awesome things. You do NOT have to upgrade to Canva Pro to use these fonts! Use the free template below or sign up for a free account here (select the free option).

Here is the second set of my favorite 10 handwritten free script fonts on Canva:

  1. Apricots
  2. Breathing
  3. Just Believe
  4. Angella White
  5. Holiday
  6. Better Saturday
  7. Angelina
  8. Daydream
  9. Virtual
  10. Regular Brush

I used Angella White (font #4) on this Pinterest pin design at the top:

andwritten script free fonts available on Canva, showcasing creative font options with dimensions of 559x1024 pixels

Different words and letter combinations will look better in different fonts. So, having a big list of them like this is really handy!

To make it SUPER dooper easy for you, I created this Free Canva Font Cheat Sheet with all 20 handwritten and script fonts available on the free version of the app.

Just copy and paste the font you’d like to try into your design. That way you can quickly test your text to see what looks best. Easy peasy. ☺️

You can make your own copy here (Canva affiliate link, but this template and all fonts are completely free).

20 best handwritten script free fonts on canva listed out in a cheat sheet

I hope this little 2-part series helped you find new handwritten script fonts to use in your Canva designs.

It’s so much fun to test out new fonts, especially when they’re free!

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If you haven’t already, make sure to check out these elegant serif fonts to use on Canva. Serif fonts always pair nicely with handwritten and script fonts!

Happy designing,


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