How to Make Money Sharing Pinterest Tips

Want to earn some cash while helping other bloggers and business owners master Pinterest?!

Today is your lucky day, my friend.

We now have an affiliate program for all of the products in the shop!

How to Promote Products in the Shop

To promote all the products in the shop, you’ll want to sign up as an affiliate through Podia.

Podia affiliate links come with a few perks:
→ 15 day tracking cookie
→ Custom links to all paid products in the shop

Commission rates are 30% and payouts happen on the first day of the following month (must be 2 weeks after purchase).

You can start earning by sharing the Free Pinterest Strategy Guide by adding your unique affiliate code to the end of this URL:

Regular URL:
Affiliate URL:

Copy the regular URL, add your affiliate code, and start earning 💰💰💰

Podia does not give you the option to create the link within the affiliate dashboard, so you must do it this way if you want to link to the freebies.

Affiliate links can be shared on your own blog or social media accounts. You can also share them in blogging Facebook groups (but make sure the group owner allows it, of course).

If you have an email list, you can write an email to your subscribers if you think the Free Strategy Guide will be helpful to them.

The most successful affiliate marketers go through whichever course or product they are promoting, and share their experience. Once you’ve viewed the material, share one major thing you learned or how the freebie helped you accomplish something (it can be something really small!).

Check Out the Goods

If you’d like to check out the free courses, you can view them here:

an affiliate program tailored for bloggers, possibly offering opportunities to earn income through Pinterest

Thank you so much for sharing my freebies, courses and Pinterest products! I can’t wait to send you some moolah!!! 💰💰💰


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