Amy Pinterest Manager

About Me

My name is Amy LeBlanc, and I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur, designer, DIYer, and follower of Jesus.

I started using Pinterest in 2013 shortly after my daughter was born and haven’t looked back since! To be honest, as an introvert, Pinterest is the only social media platform I truly feel comfortable on.

I’m naturally a creative person, so the endless supply of ideas on Pinterest was/is absolutely addicting. I was constantly making purchases based on things I found on Pinterest on sites I found on Pinterest. I was (and still am) your typical Pinterest consumer. It’s easy for me to connect with your target audience because I use the platform in the same way your customer does. 🙂

I didn’t see the real potential of Pinterest for businesses until I started my own blog. I quickly realized what a traffic powerhouse Pinterest is for websites and blogs.

Shortly after this revelation, I began to invest in my Pinterest marketing education and found myself loving the platform even more. I decided to continue to invest in my marketing and SEO education so that I could help other blogs and businesses capitalize on this amazing platform along with me!

In 2020, the Pinterest algorithm changed dramatically. Suddenly, the previous strategies I had learned no longer worked! I decided to start doing my own research into how the algorithm actually works.

Since then, I’ve developed pinning strategies that are based on the fundamental building blocks of the Pinterest algorithm, not the social aspects that change drastically with each update.

As a Pinterest manager, I live and breathe Pinterest day in and day out. I am dedicated to keeping up with the constant platform changes, rules and regulations. I continue my education daily, even when it feels like I must certainly know it all. Marketing is an ever-changing world, but it is my mission and my passion to help your business connect with your target audience and get the most out of the work you’ve put into your business thus far.

What sets me apart from other marketers is the simple fact that I absolutely love helping people succeed. This means that sometimes I give away a lot of my knowledge for free, but I’m okay with that. I always strive to go above and beyond to help your business get results. I get excited when one of my pins goes viral, but I get more excited when it’s one of my clients’ pins!

I understand what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed with learning yet another platform to market your business on. This is why I’ve dedicated myself to mastering this one platform: in order to help other businesses tap into the booming Pinterest economy.

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